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Our Family Services

Interactive Seminars

At Playful Solutions, we offer interactive seminars that give a glimpse into the Hundred Languages of Children. These seminars touch on a wide variety of topics in early childhood development, such as:

  • Independent Play at Any Age
  • Environment as the Third Teacher
  • Confident Problem Solving Strategies
  • Respectful Conflict Resolution

Environmental Consultation and Design

We work with you and your children to create unique spaces that support life skills such as independent play and problem solving. Spaces designed by Playful Solutions are created to be:

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Flexible
  • Functional
  • Immersive

Residential Gallery

Our Educator Services

At Playful Solutions, our unique approach is inspired by the work of Loris Malaguzzi, founder of the Reggio Emilia approach. We see the child as an active participant in their own quest for knowledge.

As researchers, children continually construct new knowledge through observation and experimentation. They use the environment and materials around them as tools in this quest for knowledge. The experiences we provide play a critical role in supporting and encouraging continued research.

Environmental Design

We work alongside educators to create environments that:

  • Are inviting and comforting
  • Encourage shared experiences
  • Incorporate cultural and community connections
  • Are flexible and dynamic
  • Highlight diverse sensory experiences

Colleague Conversations

We offer interactive workshop sessions that cover topics, such as:

  • Environment as the Third Teacher
  • The Image of the Child
  • Confident Problem Solving Strategies
  • Respectful Conflict Resolution
  • Methodology and Implementation of Project Work in the Classroom

Project Coaching

We provide individualized instruction in classroom project work. We team up with teachers and their classes to work through a three-phase project, through which we cover topics such as project selection, assessment tools, family and community engagement, and living documentation.

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